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How Do You Patent My Mobile Application Idea?

So, you’ve think of a great mobile application idea and you need to safeguard your idea having a patent. What must you know? First, you should know that trying to get a patent is an extremely detailed, frequently tiresome process. However, you may make it simpler by knowing some key reasons for the patenting process. When entrepreneurs ask me how you can patent a mobile application idea, this is exactly what I let them know:

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1. Perform a Patent Search or Application Idea Search.

This is actually the initial factor you want to do. Frequently, an easy Search will explain if your similar application already exists. If you’re able to locate an application with features like yours within the Application Store, then your odds of obtaining a patent is going to be harsh. It’s also wise to search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( website to find out if a patent already exists. You need to search using different keywords and descriptions to make certain nothing carefully much like your idea exists. If you do not find anything similar, then you’re in a great place to try to get a patent. If you discover something which is sort of near to your application idea, you may want to improve your idea to really make it unique. You are able to employ a patent lawyer to perform a look for you. They do not charge an excessive amount of for searching, however, you usually can do nearly as good or a more satisfactory job yourself. Google, Application Stores and USPTO are great sources to look whenever you obtain a patent, since the patent office may also search in to these databases to locate a match.

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2. Create Design Documentation for the Application Idea

Once you discover that no similar application idea exists, you will have to document your idea. Basically, which means you have to describe the look, features of the application inside a document together with your patent application. Your app’s documentation will precisely describe what’s unique regarding your application. It’s also wise to create wire-frames and flow charts for the application. Wire-frames can display what your application screen’s may seem like when it comes to data, flow featuring. You may also produce a flow diagram to explain key flow and use of the application. If you’re not able to do this yourself, you are able to hire an application design or application development company to get it done for you personally. You may also employ a UI/UX designer to produce more complex design documentation. This can frequently in PDF format.

3. Apply for a Provisional Patent

After you have put together your documentation, you need to apply for a provisional patent, that is simpler to file for (it can be done yourself directly on the website. You will not need to hire an costly patent lawyer to get this done. You’ll simply need to spend the money for $65 online application fee to get it done. When you send the applying online, you’re going to get a provisional, one-year patent, and you can convert your idea perfectly into a reality.

4. Convert Provisional Patent into Non-provisional Patent

If on your twelve months of provisional patent coverage, you choose that your idea will success, you will need to obtain a non-provisional patent. This method may more tiresome compared to provisional patent process, however, you’ll find all the details you’ll need around the USPTO website. You might, at this time, wish to employ a patent lawyer to file for your patent application for you personally, particularly if you have experienced some success together with your application on the market. If success seems likely, you might want to employ a professional to make certain the application goes easily.

Trying to get a patent is lengthy, detailed process, however if you simply stick to the well-detailed steps along the way, you’ll be able to lower the expense. The USPTO makes its website very easy and simple to navigate. You may also refer to them as for those who have any queries concerning the process.

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