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Advantages of Doing Market Analysis With Patentability Search

Patentability is really a study to understand if the invention is qualified to become patented. It offers more information concerning the patented inventions in the area of technology of the interest.

New Publication on Bridging Trends and Patents in IEEE Transactions on  Engineering Management - Universität Bremen

To have an invention to get patent, it ought to be unique and novel. If it is technologies complement the patented technology, the IP application is going to be rejected through the IP office. Thus, before filing the applying, always be sure that your invention is totally new, and patentability study assist you in testing the IP uniqueness standards. Additionally, it provides a summary of patented technologies matching partly/completely your technology. Sources employed for patentability analysis could be printed patent applications, research papers, online journals, patent literature, documents, blogs, books, IP news, etc.

Patentability Search with Market Analysis

Should you choose market analysis with patentability search, you could have better knowledge of the present products running using technologies just like your technology, their performance on the market, active players, market needs, etc. By using this information, you are able to strategize your R&D operations, invent helpful, novel technologies, obtain valuable patents, and produce lots of money.

Samsung patents a flexible smartphone with a slide-out keyboard – Droid News

There are lots of advantages of doing market analysis with patentability, and the following are the top ones:

More information about novelty from the invention and patented technologies:

You aren’t the only one considering that concept. There can be several people who have pending or printed patent applications for your. The detailed reports can help you know the quality of uniqueness of the invention. Additionally, there is also details about the patented technologies and related products in the area of interest of the business.

Making informed business decisions:

It will help in understanding the scope of the inventions and potential barriers for commercializing them just before filing the IP applications. Should you order patentability analysis publish patent filing, you are able to see whether you need to proceed together with your pending application or do R&D to complete certain modifications.

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