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Top 5 reasons to hire a cannabis advocacy lawyer

The cannabis industry is expanding exponentially. While cannabis has been listed as a Schedule I substance as per federal laws, more states are now accepting the herb for medical benefits. Most states have allowed the use of medical cannabis, while 19 states have also legalized recreational cannabis. While the industry is a lucrative one, running a cannabis business in Nevada is more complicated than entrepreneurs imagine. In this post, we are discussing the top reasons for hiring a cannabis advocacy Lawyer.

  1. Get help with initiating a cannabis business. When it comes to starting a business in the cannabis industry, compliance is one aspect that companies cannot afford to ignore. States usually have stringent regulations for companies, and it can be an arduous process to deal with. With increasing competition, it becomes even more necessary to ensure that the initial paperwork is done right. A cannabis advocacy lawyer can help keep up with the regulatory and application requirements.
  2. Seek help in understanding state and federal laws. While compliance is essential, having a clear understanding of the various laws is as important. Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, state laws are even more important. Your business can understand the state and federal laws concerning cannabis by hiring the right lawyer.
  3. Expand your cannabis business as per laws. Once your cannabis business is in place, you need to focus on expansion, but there are issues that may crop up in the process. Even getting investments could become a concern for some cannabis businesses. With an attorney, you can navigate the tricky aspects confidently.
  4. Avoid common mistakes. The authorities and regulatory bodies are keeping a constant tab on cannabis businesses, and even smaller mistakes can have a ripple effect on your company. When you hire a cannabis lawyer, you make an effort to avoid these issues. As you look ahead to get more customers, your lawyer can be a trusted aide to mitigate risks and ensure that the company operates in sync with the state and federal laws. In the long run, this could mean huge savings for your business.
  5. Get advice on business agreements. Business agreements are complicated and often hard to draft, but for cannabis businesses, things can be further complex. An experienced cannabis advocacy lawyer can ensure that all contracts are drafted and reviewed without room for issues.

Call an attorney to understand what they can do for your budding cannabis company.  

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