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Protection From an Abusive Partner After Divorce -Practical Tips!

Divorce can get messy, especially when there is a history of abuse from your ex-partner. If you are a victim of an abusive relationship with a violent partner, your issues can be a bit more complicated after a divorce than normally divorced people. In order to ensure your safety and a smooth working divorce process, make sure to contact Lake Forest Family Lawyer.

Five Tips to protect yourself from an abusive ex-partner after a divorce. 

  • Prioritize your safety and privacy while seeking help.

It is crucial to double-check the privacy of your computer, smartphone, or tablet when you are considering seeking help regarding your case. Often, victims access the resources controlled by their abusers, allowing them to be updated about the victim’s advances and plans. By tracking their activities, they get prepared to cause hindrance in the victim’s process and prevent them from getting justice.

Smart devices have a GPS tracking system which can hamper the victim’s safety and inform their abuser regarding their location.

  • Maintain Good Records

If you and your abusive partner live together, make sure to document all kinds of physical or mental abuse endured by you or your children. Make sure to jot them down with accurate date, time, and chronology of the events. It is essential to maintain vivid descriptions of every issue suffered by the victim due to the abuser’s violence. These documents will play a crucial role in proving your grievances in front of the jury and ensuring your safety and protection.

  • Make arrangements for survival.

It is essential to prepare for the future to safeguard yourself after the separation from your abusive partner. Make sure to keep some money and clothes for you and the child’s survival. Make arrangements for a safe residence after leaving your partner. They may try to contact or find you, so pick a place they might not think of. It should be a completely unpredictable location, so your partner cannot go after you.

  • Get an emergency custody order.

After leaving your abusive partner, getting legal custody of your child is essential. You can seek the court’s help to get an emergency protective order. This order gives you custody of your child and legally forbids the abusive spouse to come near you or your child. If the victim fails to include custody in the protective order, kidnapping charges can occur. The emergency custody order is not permanent. The final details of custody and other information are decided during court proceedings.

  • Seek legal help.

Along with the other tips, getting legal assistance for your process is essential. A lawyer is experienced in handling similar cases and has the expertise to give you the proper guidance.

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