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Do You Want To Know What An Immigration Attorney Is?

Immigration law is a part of the American legal system. Every year, thousands to lakhs of people migrate from their home country to a foreign country. It may be for a new job, transfer from existing employment, higher education, scholarships, and so on. People that have a marriage with someone who resides in a foreign country also move away along with their partners. These are a few most common reasons for immigration. But while so many people enter the country, there may be some who do enter with a problematic motive in their mind. So what can the government of a country do in order to keep a check on all these activities? Let’s see the same below.

Let us talk about the three main terminologies first:

  • Immigration Attorney: An immigration lawyer is a lawyer who has studied the immigration laws of the United States. They have a thorough understanding of the legal provisions of those laws.
  • Deportation Attorney: A deportation lawyer is a legal professional who can help and guide you to understand all the options through which you can still stay in a particular country and appeal your order of deportation or removal.
  • Asylum Attorney: An asylum lawyer is someone who can help immigrants who are seeking refuge in a particular country to stay in that country. They have to prove to the State that going back to their home countries can be harmful and fatal.

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Immigration attorney is the lawyers who can help you with the legal rules and regulations of immigration law. They offer consultation and study all about your documents and provide options as to how one can live in a particular country in a legal way.

If the visa of a person has expired, they still have some period in which they can find another job so that they can still stay in the country. However, there can be other ways through which one can achieve the same purpose.

Practically speaking, asylum law, as well as deportation law, are branches of immigration law that focus on specific conditions. Now, let’s understand more about the terms asylum and deportation.


What Is Asylum?

An individual or a family who has fled their country as a political refuge may seek asylum or refugee in the United States. Asylum is offering protection to an individual who can not go back to their home nation because it can be harmful. One must go to an asylum attorney in such situations. They can offer practical solutions in order to form an appeal to the State for living in the country. After wars or political unrest in a country, many refugees seek asylum in different nations.

How Does One Apply And Study For Becoming An Immigration/Asylum Attorney?

Completing a bachelor’s degree in law is the first step toward becoming a lawyer. One has to become a Juris Doctor (JD) after they finish. After that, one can specialize and practice immigration law. Getting into a law school is essential, and it also requires strong interpersonal skills as well as thorough knowledge. Being a lawyer overall depends on how well you can talk to and understand people and their cases to solve them.

What Is The Meaning Of Deportation, And Why Does It Occur?

Deportation or removal occurs when the American government orders an individual to leave the country. If that person has a family in the States, they may be asked to go too.

Deportation occurs when an individual is staying after their visa has expired along with the safety period. In other cases, deportation can also happen if an immigrant disobeys any immigration laws or indulges in criminal activities.


What Can An Individual Do If He Is Asked To Be Deported?

Seeking a deportation attorney is a must in such cases. They can help you out by getting a cancellation order canceled, or maybe requesting asylum, appealing the order of removal, prosecution discretion, and so on.


So, the meanings of the terms immigration attorney, asylum attorney, and deportation attorney are listed above. In case someone is asked to be deported, it is best to seek an immigration lawyer, and they can list out all the options which are legal through which one can stay in the country.

Suppose you want to become an immigration lawyer; there is plenty of information regarding that available on the internet. You can also get information and guidance from someone who is already in the same profession, or you can contact American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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