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What You Say Following a Los Angeles Car Accident May Help or Hurt Your Compensation Claim

When you discuss a car accident that has left you with injuries, your statements and who you speak with can directly affect the outcome of your compensation case. Thus, you need to be careful when giving statements to the police. Also, you must consider having a car accident attorney in Los Angeles on your side before you talk to an insurance adjuster. Your lawyer can walk you through the claims process and give you legal advice regarding what you must and must not say about the collision. 

What You Can Talk About with the Other Driver Involved in the Accident

Often, you must speak with the other driver involved to collect their contact and insurance information. But you must not say anything that could indicate you admitted fault for the accident. Although it is quite frustrating to be injured because of a negligent driver, you might need to stay away from the other driver and just call 911.

What Can You Say to the Police Following the Crash?

When the police arrive at the accident scene, ensure you stick only to the facts of what took place and never make any assumptions. Be careful not to imply you caused the crash. If fault for the accident is clear, it can be easier to speak to the police as the victim. But if fault and liability are disputed, it is best not to speak with anyone without the presence of your lawyer. Stay respectful to the police, though, when refusing to give a statement before your attorney arrives. 

Seeking Medical Attention After the Accident

Even if you do not experience any immediate symptoms from an injury while you are still at the accident scene, you still have to seek medical attention. If you do not need to be transported by an ambulance to a hospital, you must agree to be checked by a doctor for a preliminary assessment. Some injuries do not present immediate symptoms and only medical tests can disclose any hidden injuries you might be suffering from due to the crash. 

If you get treatment at the crash scene, avoid exaggerating your pain or possible injuries because this can haunt you when medical evaluation results do not support your initial complaints. Although this may not stop you from securing compensation, an insurer can use this exaggeration against your car accident claim or to hurt your credibility. Again, you must also stick to the facts when you answer questions from first responders. 

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