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What are the benefits of having a medical malpractice lawyer who is also a doctor?

If your life is a mess due to medical malpractice, contact Albany medical malpractice lawyers and get the compensation you deserve. However, medical malpractice cases are the toughest to prove. Suppose a dog has bitten you badly, and you got admitted to a hospital. This case will be regarded as a personal injury case. But if the doctor or the medical personnel attending you gives you the wrong medicine or uses unsterilized tools to treat your wound, then you might get gangrene, and the only way to be spared is amputation of the leg. 

To prove the fault of the doctor or the other professionals of the hospital for your loss is very tough as the doctors or hospitals are very image conscious and, if necessary, will engage in a fist fight to prove you wrong. You will need to seek help from another doctor to diagnose the matter and give a testimonial about the malpractice. Still, in most cases, other doctors do not like to get themselves involved in mud throwing at other individuals from the same profession. In cases like this having a medical malpractice lawyer who is also a doctor will be a boon.

Finding Evidence

The two things that a lawyer cum doctor can help you with are diagnosing the medical history and finding evidence that implies that the reason behind your suffering is the carelessness of the medical professionals. They will help you prove that you were not only hurt by the malpractice but will have a huge impact on your way of life. 

Interpretation of Medical Records

Doctors cum lawyers have an understanding of how to interpret medical records. They will give you a clear perception of how strong your case is. While conversing with the defendant, they will handle the matter skillfully. And when the defendant comes to know the lawyer representing you is also a doctor will not give baseless excuses. 

Flawless Negotiation

Your attorney will flawlessly handle the negotiation and indicate that it is better to settle and be ready to pay the compensation you demand if the case goes to litigation. They have solid evidence that can take them down. The defendant will have to pay for the compensation, and their image will be marked for life. A red mark on a medical professional’s career will pour water over all their hard work to date. 

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