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Spousal Support And Alimony: Everything You Need To Know

Divorce is not only about a couple’s separation where; a couple will live separately after the divorce. There are different issues that a couple has to deal with. Even though their thoughts do not match anywhere, they have to come together and find a resolution for some of the issues. And most of the time, it is about financial matters and child support issues that they must resolve. This phase is complicated for every couple. In this situation, and a Divorce Attorney is the person

That supports you emotionally. He will help you to make the correct decision related to the case. 

The lawyer will also arrange a divorce mediation meeting with the opposite party where you can resolve the case with mutual understanding. 

Spousal Support & Alimony

Divorce is not an overnight process. A couple must come together and discuss future finances. Generally, it is called alimony or spousal support. In this process, one of the former spouses has to provide money to another to maintain his standard of living. With the funds provided in Spousal Support & Alimony, the receiver spouse can live his livelihood. 

Generally, people take both these terms differently. It would be best if both words were similar. They are words with similar meanings. Another word we typically use for alimony is maintenance. Only alimony is an overused word and has a negative sense.

It is the misunderstanding that alimony is financial support for women. It means that only women can have financial support after the divorce, whereas spousal support is an entirely different term.



Spousal Support & Alimony in the real world does not depend upon gender. Any of the spouses is eligible to get the alimony. According to the law, the one who is not working or has fewer resources to maintain their livelihood after the divorce is qualified to get maintenance or spousal support. 

Why Spousal Support And Alimony?

Whenever a divorce happens, a couple gets affected both financially and mentally. The person with lower or no income should not bear injustice because of the divorce as it affects his standard of living. Therefore to maintain their standard of living, the person with lower wages or no income should get money to support their livelihood. Hence, they have every right to claim finances for their maintenance during the court proceedings. 

What Is The Period Of Giving The Alimony?

It is not the spouse who has to provide money for another lifetime; there is limited time for which the period of alimony depends. 

It also relies on the spouse’s income. One of the both who has more revenue than the other ought to give the additional finances. Here gender of the spouse doesn’t matter. 

Also, there are two types of alimony. The first is temporary, and the second one is permanent. 

According to temporary alimony, the spouse has to pay the alimony amount to the other spouse until the declared time. They decide the alimony amount and duration during the court proceedings or divorce mediation with the divorce attorney’s help. 

If the couple decides to give the spouse permanent alimony, they should provide the finances to his partner till death or till the time the other one gets married again. 

What Is The Amount Of Alimony?

They determine the amount of alimony in the court, and then, with mutual understanding, the amount is fixed. They also decide to the court that the spouse will get their maintenance during or after the court’s final judgment. Claiming the alimony amount is not as shown in the movies. In the court, they will determine the amount of alimony one should get. While evaluating the amount of the alimony, they will consider some essential factors and only ask the person with a high income to pay it. 


First, the court will judge the person’s ability to pay the alimony. They will check whether the spouse who will support them is strong enough to maintain two houses simultaneously.

Then, if they have a child of the couple, they will determine the best things for their child. And depending on that court will decide on the amount of alimony for child support too. 

The alimony money also depends upon the duration of the marriage. There are fewer chances of getting spousal support if the marriage lasts for a shorter period. The court will also consider the ability of the spouse to earn money after the divorce. Then, the court will decide both the duration and amount of maintenance. 




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