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Municipal corporations, large contracting companies, commercial landowners, independent contractors and residential landowners, all have a civil responsibility of keeping their area free from any hazards. For example, not taking enough precautions on a construction site can cause an avoidable accident. Injuries caused by such accidents can be catastrophic. If you or your loved one has been a victim of such an accident, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages incurred. Boland Romaine LLP will be by your side through your fight to help you to make your surroundings a safer space. Such personal injury law cases are not just about the compensation but also about setting a standard. No one else should go through what you went through. Fighting for your right can help to create a safer space for other citizens. Following are some reasons why Boland Romaine should be your leading choice.

Skilled and experienced lawyers

Having an understanding of the law is very different from being experienced. One can truly be called skilled when they have the necessary experience. The true learning of law happens on the ground. The lawyers at Boland Romaine LLP have handled thousands of cases in personal injury law. They understand how unique each case is. Their skills, knowledge and experience in Municipal Liability can go a long way in your fight.

Empathetic and dedicated lawyers

In personal injury cases, the lawyer needs to be empathetic and dedicated. When the lawyer can understand the experience of the client would they be able to help them out better. Creating an understanding between the lawyer and the client can go a long way in fighting for compensation. The lawyers at the firm are dedicated and committed to high standards.

No legal fee till the claim is successful

The lawyers work on a retainer basis. It is a contingency fee that works like a retainer. It implies that you don’t have to pay the legal fee during the representation. The legal fee is a flat fee that is paid once the claim has been successfully settled.

Reducing the risk

To reduce the risk of the client adverse cost insurance is obtained. In case of an unsuccessful claim, this insurance will help to reduce or eliminate the costs, fees and disbursements. Though most of the cases are successfully settled, having this ensure will enable you to have peace of mind.

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