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Do Not Ruin Your Car Accident Claim in Philadelphia, PA with these Mistakes

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident because of another driver, you should not assume their insurer will generously offer you a reasonable settlement. This is something you should keep in mind even if liability has been established. This means that you must do everything to build a strong compensation claim. You will never want to provide an insurance adjuster with a reason to reduce or deny your claim. You can avoid a lot of mistakes that can compromise your claim if you have experienced Philadelphia, PA car accident attorneys on your side. 

Remember that even a single mistake you make may ruin your claim. A skilled lawyer has strategies they can employ to resolve most, if not all possible mistakes. These mistakes include the following:

Not Getting Immediate Medical Attention

After an accident, you may hesitate to see a doctor right away because you think you are not injured. But some injury symptoms may take days or even longer to show up. Not seeing a doctor right away can jeopardize your health and prompt the other party’s insurer to assert that you were not injured in the accident. 

Not Calling the Police

If you believe you don’t have to file a claim, you may not contact the police to come to the scene. But what if you realize later that the injuries or car damage caused by the accident is more than you thought? In this case, there will be no police report that details the police officer’s narration of the way the accident took place and where they issued a citation. Such details and others may help prove the negligence of the other driver. Additionally, a police report should tell the insurance adjuster that the accident took place.


If you say sorry or something similar, the insurance adjuster may interpret it as an admission of fault. So, do not make such statements at the crash scene and beyond.

Not Collecting Contact Details

Before you leave the crash scene, you should gather the contact information of the other driver, their insurer, and any witnesses who saw the crash. You need this information to file a car accident claim with the insurer. If you needed to go to the hospital urgently after the crash, your lawyer can get in touch with the witnesses to get their testimony. Also, the availability of this information makes it easier for the lawyer to communicate with the negligent party’s insurance provider.

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