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Common Mental Health Struggles After a Pedestrian Accident 

Imagine you are going on a walk just to calm your mind after a stressful day and someone else being careless behind the wheel hits you. It sounds like a nightmare, right? No one wants to walk on the road with the fear of being hit by someone careless driver. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen. 

There are various reasons for the rise in pedestrian accidents. While the victims can incur severe physical damage, the emotional pain and suffering that follow after the accident is often neglected. Many victims do not know that they can get compensation for emotional pain and suffering too. The best way to get justice is by speaking to Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers.

Mental health struggles victims suffer from after a pedestrian accident. 

  • Anxiety 

Anxiety refers to excessive fear and worry. Anxiety is one of the common mental health battles that victim goes through. Often after the accident, you may develop anxious thoughts whenever walking on the road again. For instance, you may be walking peacefully, but you will get sudden anxious thoughts of the same incident happening again or a driver hitting you again. Furthermore, if the anxiety is left untreated for the long term, it can affect the person’s physical health and result in anxiety attacks too. The physical symptoms can include pain in the chest, rapid heart rate, sweating, shivering, and more. 

  • Depression. 

Anxiety and depression can sometimes go hand in hand. Depression is one of the rising concerns in the country. However, one should not impersonate sadness for depression. Depression can affect the person in the long run and make things difficult. Some of the common symptoms of depression include: 

  • Loss of interest. 
  • Feeling extremely sad. 
  • Excessive sleeping or no sleep. 
  • Lack of food intake or excessive eating. 
  • Lack of concentration. 
  • Social withdrawal. 
  • Self-harm thoughts. 

There are also other physical and emotional symptoms associated with depression. 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

After getting into a traumatic event, the image of the accident can be stuck in the victim’s head. These flashbacks can affect the mental state of the person. Moreover, PTSD is common when people are unable to move on from a certain event. The treatment for the same will include prescriptions, counseling, and more. 

Get professional help. 

No matter how minor or major your mental health struggles are, you should never neglect them. Seek professional help from a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. They can assist you in overcoming your mental health struggles and leading a better life. 

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