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Common Injuries As a Result of Slips And Falls

According to a team of Connecticut slip and fall accident lawyers, this particular personal injury claim is the most common which we see. For some years it was personal injuries from road accidents which took the top spot, but slips and falls have been on the rise here in the state. These cases cannot be taken lightly of course and the range of potential injuries is exactly why more businesses and property owners have to take care when it comes to avoiding these issues. To give you a broader picture of this, these are some of the common injuries which are sustained after a slip or fall.

Areas of The Body

The most commonly injured areas of the body after a slip or fall are the fingers, shoulders, knee, back, ankle and wrist. This is of course because of the body’s natural reaction to falling over, using limbs to try and break the fall and protect the head and the main organs.

Fractures and Broken Bones

The most common injury which we see to these areas of the body are fractures and broken bones, which can cause a huge amount of pain. We often hear that it is better to break a bone than to fracture it, because it makes the recovery easier and faster. Whilst this may be the case, it means very little when someone is in agony directly after the accident.


The joints of the body are also at a high risk in the event of a slip or trip, and most often we see the dislocation of the shoulder and fingers after a fall. This can also be incredibly painful and result in many months of treatment and a great deal of pain and inflammation.

Cuts and Bruises

As you can imagine, minor cuts and bruises are frequent after a slip or fall and they are the next most common type of injury which people suffer after an accident. If this is the only injury then the victim can consider themselves lucky, but usually these injuries accompany a much more severe issue.

Open Wounds

Open wounds are often caused by what the victim falls onto, and they will require instant medical attention. Whilst lacerations and open wounds can heal, they are highly likely to leave a scar behind which the victim will carry with them for life.


Only 2% of all slips and falls actually result in a fatality, and whilst this is low it is important that people understand the risk that this can actually happen. Even a 1% chance of a fatality is too high and that is exactly why more property owners and companies should be doing more to make sure that their staff, customers and the general public are safe.

In order to reduce the risk of slips and trips, companies and property owners simply need to stick to what the law says about making sure that the property or the workplace is safe. Sadly however a lack of good housekeeping is often the most common reason for these accidents and subsequent injuries.

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