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A Dog Bite Lawyer Is The Solution to All of Your Problems

We all know that dogs are popularly labeled as man’s best friend. However, there are moments where individuals do not properly train their pets to behave. As a result, dogs may behave in an aggressive manner and pose a threat to those involved.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dog bite attacks have heavily increased as over 4.5 million individuals have suffered unexpected dog bites per year in the United States. 

Equal to other personal injury accidents, dog bites cause physical, emotional, and financial damages.  Falling victim to these severe injuries may prevent you from complying with your daily obligations. Nevertheless, as an accident victim, you are in your right to be compensated for all of your related losses. 

Although you can be compensated, the path towards achieving your award on your own will be extremely challenging without legal representation. For this reason, you must hire a dog bite lawyer. Throughout our article, we’ll present you with Florida’s legal standard behind these cases, as well as the advantages of seeking the expertise of a dog bite attorney. 

What Are The Primary Dog Bite Laws in Florida?

Dog bites fall under the category of premises liability claims. Premises liability is a legal concept utilized in personal injury cases where the injury was caused by an unsafe condition on someone else’s property. So, let’s go ahead and review the 2021 Florida Statutes on dog bites: 

  • To recover damages, Florida’s dog bite law requires victims to be lawfully in the establishment or property where the bite took place. If victims were trespassing when they were attacked, they will not be able to file a personal injury claim. 
  • Florida adhered to a strict liability rule when filing a dog bite injury claim. In other words, whether the incident occurred in a private or public place, dog owners will be responsible for the accident even if they were not aware of their pets’ aggressive behavior. 

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

  • Lawyers for dog bites can help you contact healthcare professionals who effectively treat all of your injuries. 
  • Insurers often approach victims with unfair settlements. Rest assured that a dog attack lawyer will not allow this to happen because they’ll be able to negotiate with these companies to ensure that you receive fair compensation. 
  • An animal attack lawyer fully understands personal injury law and all of the legal jargon that comes with it. In addition, they have worked on several cases similar to yours. Therefore, they have filed dozens of dog bite lawsuits. 
  • An animal attack lawyer can attend meetings with the other party and file your dog bite injury claim while you recover from your physical harm. 

Call a Dog Bite Attorney Right Now!

This information was brought to you by Florida’s best accident law firm. Now that you’re better aware of the benefits of hiring legal expertise, we are confident that you’ll see the serves of a dog bite lawyer for your own case! 

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